When a compelling video or creative event is the need, InterMedia Productions is the solution.

InterMedia Productions provides video production, creative services, and web applications for corporations and small businesses.

Since our beginning in 1986, we have evolved in response to changing market trends, emerging broadcast technologies, and above all, the needs and desires of our customers. During that time, InterMedia Production's footprint has grown to encompass full-service production studios at our headquarters in Sarasota, FL and an international list of corporate clients.

While InterMedia Production's capabilities are diverse, everything we do focuses on creating projects that are informative, entertaining, and seamlessly produced. Whether it's a Fortune 100 CEO leading a company product launch or a visual marketing tool for a local small business, we're fully qualified and committed to address any and every dimension of high-quality productions.

Our team can handle any logistical challenge, and our crews are as friendly as they are knowledgeable, responsible, and creative. Because we are a well-established video production company, we know from experience that every video and event involves a measure of adrenaline and stress. Every day, we strive to deliver service that enables the individuals we work with - and the organizations they work for - to shine, despite the twists, turns, and time pressures that drive our fast-paced business.

When your message is on the line, you can always count on InterMedia Productions to deliver.