Hi Jim,

Just wanted to let you know that the videos are all uploaded to our site and our You-Tube channel. They look AMAZING. Our CEO, Rod, presented them today at a company meeting and everyone was really impressed.

Rod, the hardest judge of all, said they turned out great and better than he ever anticipated. He was actually smiling a lot and very giddy about them!

So, great job!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Kelly Riley | Sun Bulb Company, Inc.


"Jim Flynn at Intermedia Productions creates memorable advertising that raises awareness using creative concepts and well-executed campaigns.

If you need an engaging way to communicate your brand identity, Intermedia can produce it for you in a cost effective way".

Rodger DeRose | President and CEO | Kessler Foundation


We have worked with Intermedia Productions several times over the past few years for our website video's and TV commercial's. They are a very professional organization and the quality of work has been superb.

I can wholeheartedly recommend them with the addition you will be delighted.

Bob Keefe

InterMedia Productions
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